Are You and Your Business
Flowing the Way You Want?

What Has To Happen For You to Perform At Your Best?

You need your Purple Crayon. That’s right. A child’s drawing tool is what’s missing from your entrepreneurial journey.

Within you is an untapped reservoir of creative energy looking to express itself in your business ventures.

In Harold and the Purple Crayon, a children’s classic by Crockett Johnson, Harold leaves his bedroom one night and creates a remarkable adventure, drawing the world around him with his trusty purple crayon.

We all have a Purple Crayon. Our environment causes us to suppress this creative impulse at an early age. But it’s still available, awaiting its opportunity to imagine, play, and create the world around you.

The creative impulse brings childlike energy and playfulness back to your daily existence. This crayon inspires you to create something valuable and to attract profitable customers.



Without your Purple Crayon, life has no zest. Business feels mundane.

With your Purple Crayon in hand, your entrepreneurial efforts will take flight, providing new meaning, a unique contribution to others, and business profits along the way.

Are you ready to unleash the creative force within you?

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Effective Business Coaching Services
for Creative CEOs & Entrepreneurs

Tap into More of Your Inner Potential
Get Out of Your Own Way
Quadruple Your Level of Productivity at Work
Achieve an Unprecedented Level of Focus
Lead Yourself to Your Creative Destiny

A clear, compelling vision provides you with meaningful direction.

A strategic results plan brings you clarity for day-to-day operations. You’ll know where to invest your attention next.

Your coaching partnership with Scott Jeffrey starts here.

Your entrepreneurial journey is as much about you as it is your business. Through his business coaching services, Scott will help you better understand your own psychology—your strengths, blind spots, values, and beliefs that guide your decisions and daily actions.

Then, he’ll provide clear direction on you can tap into more of your innate potential, stop what’s unconsciously hijacking you, and focus on what matters most.

With Scott’s business coaching services, you can make progress in your businesses while pursuing your own self-actualization.

It is in this fertile ground you and your work can flourish. And it is here that Scott can play a role as a strategic guide on your unique quest.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of working together, connect with Scott for a initial call to discuss your big ideas for the future.

Ready to discover new territory within your business and yourself?

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Measurable Effectiveness

  • Quadruple your level of productivity at work
  • Create at least 20% more time to focus on what matters most
  • Attain an unparalleled level of clarity about your business and life direction
  • Achieve a natural state of focused flow in your work more frequently

Accelerate Business Growth

  • Drive 10x business results 
  • Attract more profitable customers
  • Cultivate a collaborative team
  • Execute marketing that works
  • Lead with a compelling vision
  • Get your team working smarter, not harder

Self Leadership

  • Increase your ability for self leadership and become a model for your team
  • Transform disempowering habits into life-supporting behaviors
  • Gain psychological insights that lead to lasting personal growth
  • Discover your strengths and what’s holding you back